“Right now, I’m focusing on Costume Design, and maybe a little bit of Fashion. I already came here with the idea that I wanted to study Costume Design, but also came with an open mind. Maybe I’d end up trying something else I hadn’t taken into consideration.

“I really enjoyed the movie making, it was really fun. I wouldn’t say that it was enough to change my ideas of what I want to study in the future, but it was fun to do. Screen printing was really fun too. I like to paint and do art, and that was a technique that I’ve always wanted to try.

“I think that people that come here with an unclear idea of what they want to study, it can help them decide. For those that already have an idea, it can help them to confirm this.

“I’m going to start the BA (Hons) Costume and Performance Design course here at AUB in September. It’s a really fun environment and you learn a lot. You also get a lot of freedom to work on your own projects.

“I’m from Mexico, it’s quite different culturally here. I first moved to England last year to Bristol, so when I came to Bournemouth it wasn’t too different.”