Richard Burnside graduated in 2009 and was employed by London based VFX house Double Negative as a Matchmove Artist later that year.

Still with Double Negative today he has gone from matchmoving to modelling and is now Lighting Technical Director. His filmography includes Iron Man 2, Inception, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Captain America, Total Recall, Fast and Furious 6, Jupiter Ascending and Interstellar.

I am currently a Generalist Technical Director at Double Negative VFX in London. This role is common within UK VFX, where artists are required to work on a number of tasks from asset modelling and texturing, to look development and lighting. My primary role within this is as a Modeller, for which I hold a lead position. I work on hero assets for feature films, producing clean topology and developing efficient techniques to ensure assets are completed to extremely high standards within strict deadlines.

My time at Dneg has allowed me to delve into the world of VFX and develop my skills as an artist in a number of roles, working on Oscar and BAFTA winning projects and also experience work on live sets working with camera crews and onset teams, collecting valuable data to ensure our work back at the studio is as accurate and seamless as we can possibly achieve.

My time spend at AUB taught me to be critical of my own work and strive for a high quality outcome. It taught me the importance of working within a team and exploring numerous ideas, methods and techniques to achieve your desired outcome. Most importantly, it gave me a hunger to learn, to better myself as an artist and develop my skills to a professional level. In an industry so competitive, a desire to learn, improve and push the limits of your skills is extremely important.