After a few months freelancing in London I have finally secured a junior designers role at Digitas Health. The deal with advertising & marketing for the health industry, and work under the Publicis Healthcare Communications Groupe. It’s a role that’s quite different to others that I’ve tried before, designing heavily educate the market and not so much sell sell sell. I work in an office right by Earls Court with a mix of people from all over the world. Enjoying it so far!

Vis Com helped me mature as a designer, allowing me to explore the idea as much as possible prior to choosing the right implementation. For me this is a view I will continually have throughout my time as a designer. The courses structure provided me with opportunity to develop my skills with local design studios, with professional insight along the way through people like Luke Bonner, Jamie Sergeant, Susan O’Neil and Amanda Jackson. I strongly believe that if I had chosen to study at any other uni or on any other course, I don’t think I would have achieved as much. It has the ideal balance of study and professional contact.

A factor that probably assisted in the impression the course had on me, was the group in which I studied with. It’s understandably not an easy task to select the right individuals for the year ahead but 2013 class in which I graduated with seemed to have a good balance. Some students which no doubt will go on to be some of the best designers out there. It was good to have the kind of friendly competition we had on our course, one person would design a considered magazine and another a series of intricate illustrations both amazing and well considered but so different. The course allows variety through structure, providing guidance at important times whilst still allowing you to develop and learn from design decisions.

I would highly recommend it to prospective students and would like to thank the tutors for there help, especially through 3rd yeah. The course has a bright future.

If there’s one bit of advice I could give to students it would be get some design experience behind you for a day a week whilst studying. It will only help you further on down the line and in the short term thought whilst completing coursework.