Olivia Ball had her placement at Anstey Print and Harlequin, and tells us the following:

“My work placement took place at Anstey Print and Harlequin in Loughborough. The placement at Anstey lasted for one week and consisted of a very ‘hands on’ approach to wallpaper printing, using traditional screen-printing and colour mixing.  I found this experience extremely educational as it linked so well to the practices we learn at university and developed my colour mixing skills a lot!

I also found the placement at Harlequin Interiors really inspirational as I got to work with the design team on new collections, in addition to being involved in marketing the designs.  The whole experience was great because of the variety of job roles I participated in, which provided a greater understanding for what direction I would like to pursue when applying for my own job. Seeing how a collection is produced right from the first design through to marketing stages was an insightful experience and extremely exciting to be a part of!”