BA (Hons) Textiles student, Meghann Newcombe, recently completed a placement at Mistral, a womenswear brand based in Wiltshire, known for their illustrative and playful print designs.

“I completed a four-week internship working alongside the head print designer, Hannah Burns, and got a fantastic insight into the design process and how all print components are hand drawn or lino-printed before being translated digitally using Illustrator.

“Throughout my time there I was able to experience many different tasks – I created one of the themes for the collection with a mood board of ideas exploring Santorini, Greece, as inspiration, and used trend books to source colour palettes.
“I also learnt how to design on illustrator. Three of my prints were selected for their SS18 collection for scarves and clothing, which will be in stores next summer. This was a huge achievement and confidence boost for me!

“I learnt a huge amount of new skills and discovered things about myself as a designer. I had not considered my future in textiles to involve digital design, however this placement has completely changed my outlook. It has also educated me on commercial design and how a fashion company runs on a day to day basis”

Feedback from Hannah Burns, Print Designer at Mistral

“Meghann joined us at the very end of the design process for our SS18 range. We were wrapping up the season and designing our last two mini groups to hit stores in the High Summer. She put together four really strong mood boards for the groups, two of which we decided to run. These mood boards included very considered colour palettes that Meghann designed from using colour trend books, and keeping the customer in mind.

“I spent some time teaching Meghann the basics of creating repeat print designs on Illustrator and she quickly picked this up – several of her designs are now in production.

“As it is a busy time for me researching the next season, I was out of the office for several days and felt confident leaving Meghann to it. She was an exceptionally quick learner of Illustrator and, when I was away, designed several lovely prints. We design all of our prints in house, using various print making techniques such as lino cutting, stamping and hand sketching and painting. Meghann had a go at all of these and so we have some beautiful motifs we can use for future designs.”