I am currently a designer at Imagine Publishing in Bournemouth, where I work in a department called ‘bookazines’. My job is to design and layout the inside pages as well as the front and back cover. The projects I have been involved in have varied, so far I have worked on books about space, history, technology and photography.

VisCom helped prepare me for a professional work environment through the high standard of work expected from us as students, the staff always encouraged us to push our ideas as far as possible.

The great sense of community within the course allowed us to help and advise one another. Being used to working as part of a team, where everyone has different skills to offer, is something that has really helped me settle into a work environment.
A really important skill the course helped me develop was presenting my work. Regularly explaining the design choices I have made is something I also have to do in my job. The course also encouraged us to pursue live projects and work experience, which had such a huge importance to employers when applying for work. We had excellent help and feedback on our CV’s and portfolios, which meant that we graduated feeling prepared and confident in applying for jobs.

A really great course, I met lot of talented people, and made some very good friends!