At present I am a creative at AKQA.The Vis Com course helped me to be where I am now because it taught me to think broadly about design.

Vis Com never asks students to specialise, which allows us to experiment and leave with more than just one skill set (crucial for an industry changing constantly). It taught me that the

‘idea’ is most important and if you can refine and nail an idea then your best work will follow (and D&AD Pencils).

In my 3rd year my FMP looked into the Bauhaus and how back then they believed that design was 1 discipline. Architects where designers, designers where photographers, architects were typographers etc. They believed it was wrong to refine yourself to one practice.

What I learnt from the Bauhaus I applied to the rest of my work which helped me produce a diverse portfolio. It was this diversity that interested AKQA, they saw digital/interaction design, installation, typography, editorial.. Which is how I have the role as a ‘creative’.

I have been lucky enough to work pitches partnered with the CD Ian Wharton. We have worked on some really tight deadlines and even had the chance to pitch in Paris. So far we have 100% success rate, winning work ranging from one of the largest film distribution companies to global sports brands.

In the past 4 months at AKQA my work has ranged from installations/web builds/editorial design/interaction and even interior design concepts. I believe I wouldn’t have my position without a broad portfolio. Agencies know students straight out of uni are not going to know everything, and they possibly already have 50 other people with amazing web design and development skills.  So what Vis Com allowed me to show the industry is my creativity and ability to adapt and try new projects. Which I think is the most important thing as the industry is changing and adapting quicker than people can predict.