Jamie Badminton and Tim O’Sullivan both graduated in 2002 and, after gaining experience working at different independent studios, decided in 2007 to try opening a London-based animation studio, Karrot Entertainment, to develop projects of their own.

Karrot Entertainment now employs 40 people (around 30 of which are AUB alumni) and has produced their first in-house developed series for the BBC ‘Sarah & Duck’ which aired on CBeebies. Jamie is Series Producer and Tim is Director and Co-Created  the show with fellow alumni Sarah Gomes Harris (a 2006 AUB graduate).

“We maintain both the series production division and a commercial studio producing adverts, idents and films for Television and the web, giving us plenty of opportunity to welcome in recent graduates and give them the chance to gain first-hand industry experience and grow with the company.”

Jamie tells us, “the course was a phenomenal foundation for me. It encouraged observational drawing and an understanding of animation timing as a solid base for adding all other skills onto, then focusing on layout, storytelling and collaborative filmmaking. It operates almost as a mini studio for its major project work, with first and second years helping the third years with their graduation films – This chain of knowledge ensures that the course retains the experiences of those who have passed through it. It’s no coincidence that when we started up our studio, we looked to many of our fellow AUB alumni to work with us and, now from the perspective of an employer, this course is a rare beast that produces well-rounded students, each with real specialisms.”