“Back in 2006 I was one of the fortunate AUB grads who started their careers on Sylvain Chomet’s The Illusionist. After a year in live-action props, I couldn’t resist the chance to work on a 2D feature, initially as a layout artist and then as an animation assistant within a talented international team.

“This led to a move to Paris for more exciting projects, such as the pilots of Longway North and Red Turtle, a supervisory role in the Philippines, and one apartment move too many! So I headed back to London in 2013 and the jobs have steadily rolled in.  It seems that software such as TVPaint has helped rejuvenate the 2D industry.

“Following numerous assist positions at Studio AKA, Birdbox, Golden Wolf and Uli Meyer Studios, I became art director and animation supervisor on Simon’s Cat’s first colour film, swiftly followed by a move to Lupus Films and Ethel and Ernest.  My most satisfying role to date was training a large graduate group, several from AUB, who did a fantastic job, and followed me onto We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, where I found myself as Line Producer.  Now at Passion Pictures, we’ve just finished the Gorillaz’ Saturnz Barz video in Virtual Reality.  A mission, but we got there!  The industry is tough, but the inspiring people around me make it worthwhile.

“Whilst I was studying, I believed that AUB was the best place to learn the craft and nothing has changed that view.  The facilities and staff have always been excellent and I look forward to working with more AUB graduates in the future.”