“For my final project I decided to do branding for sports here at AUB. My project is basically giving an identity to the sports here at the university; my whole concept is giving them representation.

I’m going on to study BA (Hons) Graphic Design here at AUB. My main focus for my Prep ADME project is logo and poster design.

I actually came here thinking I was going to do Animation but, because the course covers such a wide range of subject areas, I changed my mind and found that I enjoyed doing branding and Graphic Design.

I quite like how friendly and quiet everyone in this town is, it’s an example of the quaint English town, which is nice. I did a lot of research into universities, and AUB is currently one of the best creative universities in the UK. It’s what I didn’t get from other universities and courses, such as the staff and the people. Everybody around, be it in the refectory, the library, or technical support, is so happy to help you. You just feel at home.”