“During my first two years at AUB I was never quite sure what area I wanted to specialise in, was I a designer, a maker, a supervisor? My answer came during a work placement organised for me by the course at the National Theatre, a week spent in the Digital Drawing Department where I was introduced to the world of technical drawing for set construction. I found my niche.”

While Amber was in her final year of study the role of Technical Supervisor was specifically created for her so she could work on all AUB productions to produce ground plans, technical drawings and constructing the sets under the guidance of Set Builder and Project Manager, Richard McCabe.

As part of Ambers External Major Project she did a placement at Set Square Staging Ltd, a commercial set building company where she gained experience in drafting, Project Management and construction, working on projects for the Olympics, Google and Coca Cola.

“Upon graduating I thought about the journey I had gone from a fledgling dressmaker to a carpenter and Project Manager, carving myself a career in a predominantly male world. My desire to do something different at AUB I feel has benefitted the current students, as they are now being taught AutoCAD and the opportunities to do what I did are more readily available”.

In January 2013 Set Square asked Amber if she would consider a yearlong internship as Assistant Project Manager which she accepted and started that February. She loves it!

But she couldn’t leave her inner designer behind; she is the Art Director for a small film company called E.L.T Films and the designer for a theatre company called Harbinger London that she has been working with for 2 years now.

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