Tomas Leach graduated in Film Production in 2002. He is now working as a director and released his first feature in 2014, ‘In No Great Hurry’ – a documentary about New York Photographer Saul Leiter.  We asked him ten questions about his past, present and future aspirations…


1.    Why did you decide to study film?

“When I was a teenager I started really getting into cinema – watching films constantly and falling in love with loads of filmmakers’ work. From there it seemed natural to wonder how they were made and to want to start making them myself.”


2.    What made you pick AUB?

“It had a great reputation and seemed like a place for filmmakers. You shot on film, you worked in crews etc. All that seemed like something I wanted to be part of.”


3.    How would you describe your student days?

“Lost in thought…”


4.    How did your work evolve here at AUB?

“By struggling to find out who I was and how I wanted films to be, I slowly found my way of working. The main shift I made was to really love documentary work. Not only watching great docs, but as an inspiration for shooting fiction and finally as a form itself.


5.    What is your fondest memory when you studied here?

“Shooting my second year film was good. We shot in a lighthouse, so we got a boat back together at the end of the shoot. We were all working together in one spot all day and there was a great camaraderie.


6.    How did AUB prepare you for the professional world?

“In terms of working with crews, and approaching the making a film aspect, it gave me a great basis.”


7.    What have been the highlights of your career so far?

My first feature length documentary was just released theatrically across the US. That was really gratifying to see sold out shows and audiences across the country enjoying it. It was a very personal film in the way it was made, so seeing it in cinemas was great.”


8.    What are you working on at the moment?

“”I’m starting my next feature documentary in the spring. In the meantime, I’ll be directing commercials.”


9.    What would you like to do next?

“I’ve started developing and reading narrative feature projects, so that’s something I am looking at.”


10.  What advice would you give to students thinking about coming to AUB?

“Think about why you are going and what you want to achieve. Then go fully for that.

It will be over quickly and afterwards you won’t have the same freedom or support for a long time. So make it count!”


Find out more about Tomas’ work on his website: