We all come from somewhere else. Whether first or tenth generation of exiles or wonderers, a home and identity left behind. Arriving to a new place, a new life and identity is created. Homeward: an exhibition of printmaking curated by Preeti Stood.

The transition from one’s heritage has a direct influence on how we live and experience our world. Sometimes this departure is traumatic and directly impactful. For some, the journey became lost and is barely influential. Sometimes we know our familial homeland by hearsay or fantasy. By moving, a part of who we are is lost but another part is gained by who we become.

Artist/Printmakers submitted their work and after being shortlisted for the call, the project for each artist was to make an edition of 21 prints in a printmaking media of their choice. The image could be any orientation, following a prescriptive sizing and paper choice and then subsequently shipped to Atlanta. Each artist participating receives a complete set of prints, creating an exchange portfolio.

Three prints out of the edition become part of the archive SGCI and Zukerman Museum of Art, Kennesaw State University.

Exhibiting artists included Preeti Stood, AUB Printmaking Technician. Speaking about the exhibition she explained:

This exhibition of print was curated at the Arts University Bournemouth to share and celebrate the richness and power of Printmaking both with our students and staff. This themed portfolio was the part of the Southern Graphic International Printmaking Conference, Atlanta (2017: Terminus: Arrivals & Departures | Atlanta, GA). It is interesting to see how the reproducible  nature of Print can bring innumerable advantages.

All the artist/printmakers shortlisted for the portfolio received 18 prints from 18 different places/countries in the world which means the portfolio can be exhibited in alternative 18 places simultaneously. As it was a portfolio exchange I have received 17 prints of participating artist/printmakers that will be added to our growing Print Archive that will be used for teaching various processes and inspire students.”