BA (Hons) Creative Events Management have received full marks for student satisfaction in the latest National Student Survey.

The NSS is a series of 23 online questions relating to six areas of the learning experience as well as student unions and overall student satisfaction. It is aimed at final year undergraduates, and assesses universities and other higher education providers on a number of satisfaction-based criteria every year.

For Tourism, Transport and Travel (which covers Creative Events Management) AUB are ranked first, 100% of final year students agree or strongly agree with Q22: Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the course.

The course also received full marks on:

  • Q01 (Staff are good at explaining things)
  • Q02 (Staff have made the subject interesting)
  • Q05 (The criteria used in marking have been clear in advance)
  • Q10 (I have received sufficient advice and support with my studies)
  • Q11 (I have been able to contact staff when I needed to)

Final year students produced festivals, banquets, mental health awareness events, and even spiritual retreats for their final major project.

The Folkish Festival was a one-day event that boasted nine locally and nationally known folk(ish) music acts in nine hours.

Event creators Jamie Lillycrop, Alex Budd, Hattie Ford, Flora Kinch-Waugh, May Nguyen and Steph Ballett said: “We were incredibly proud of how the event turned out. The feedback we received was better than any of us could have hoped for. The music was excellent and we were only ever ten minutes behind schedule, the food was delicious, drinks flowed all day and the sun shone. What more could we have asked for? The legacy of the event is that we proved to many people that students can run an event of a very professional standard with a  limited budget.”