BA (Hons) Costume and Performance Design student, Daisy Tweed, recently visited Tuscany for a two-week project as part of The Complete Freedom of Truth.

The Complete Freedom of Truth (TCFT) is an international, youth-led project with the ambition to develop global youth citizenship through culture and the arts.

TCFT aims to use cultural and arts activities to provide skills training and cultural awareness for young people across Europe by developing their own creativity.

Daisy talks about her experience:

“I got involved with the project through Rebecca Pride, Course Leader for Costume. She sent out an email asking if people would be interested and I said yes. I had no idea what the project was about honestly, and it’s also very difficult to explain without experiencing it for yourself, but I thought that it would be a good opportunity.

“It turns out it was an amazing opportunity! The people I’ve met and the knowledge I’ve brought back with me has changed how I view the world.

“The project was the for the promotion of the arts, international collaboration, and unity. Unity was a very strong theme, unity among countries, races, sexual orientations, genders. Bringing people together and letting them express their view and beliefs in the best was we knew how to, through art. The methods of art included were: Visual arts, Music, Parkour, Movement, Dance, Clownery, Puppetry and loads more.

“During the end of the project I got the opportunity to be a part of a youth forum. We had some fantastic ‘elders’, as they liked to call themselves, come to speak with us and talk about the ways in which we can make a change in our world. We had an M.E.P come, Political artists, and a wonderful woman who had been there during the rise of feminism in America in the 60s and 70s.

“I was shocked and amazed by the passion and motivation all of the young people there had to change the world. They all had their cause, something to fight for, whether it be unity, gay rights, black rights, recycling. They all had something they believed in and wanted to change in the world. It was truly inspiring.”