Several BA (Hons) Costume and Performance Design alumni have worked on Disney’s 2015 remake of Cinderella.

Lucy Anderson, Kim Pickering, Naomi Bonner, Grace Cheetham and Michaela Kimber all worked on the film.

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Lucy Anderson, now Visiting Tutor at AUB said:

“My experience of Cinderella was working for two months in 2013 (July and August) as part of a large team of both established and part time labourers in the studio for Jane Law Ltd, based in Worthing. We worked on gowns for Lily James (Cinderella), Helena Bonham Carter (Fairy Godmother) and then bits for Cate Blanchett, Holliday Grainger and Sophie McShera (Wicked Stepmother and Ugly Sisters respectively).

The structure of the work was really varied, from spending a few days ironing the layers of chiffon fabric for the top layer of the ball dress, to embellishing collars by hand. No one works to finish one garment – it’s all a massive group effort and everyone works at their level; senior members cutting bodices and addressing larger, structural elements, and less experienced team members focussing on detail, embellishments and hand-finishing.

Working on costumes for film means reproducing identical copies of the costumes many times to allow for re-dressing between retakes. We made 8 sets of skirts for Cinderella’s famous ball gown to allow her to have a perfectly pristine copy for each take, and to cover the fact that the incredibly delicate fabric layers may become damaged during the shooting of the dancing scenes. Similarly, we made several of the pink ‘Mother’s Dress’ Cinderella wants to wear to the ball before her Stepmother and Sisters shred it, preventing her from leaving the house. The dresses were progressively broken down, the final copy of the gown being the rags you see her in when she meets her Fairy Godmother.

Designer Sandy Powell was hoping to create a look inspired by the original Disney Animation and described her vision as an 1860s period drama made in the 1950s, meaning the designs combined imagery from both eras in history. I imagine to go into any more detail may reveal some closely guarded trade secrets, but I can definitely say, from seeing frothy, sherbet-coloured fantasy costumes fill the workroom over the summer of 2013, Cinderella, due for release March 2015, is going to be a feast for the eyes.”