AUB alumna Alice Guzzo’s animation ‘Riflesso’ has been shortlisted in the Animation category of the Royal Television Society Student Television Awards – Southern Centre.

Alice studied BA (Hons) Animation Production at AUB. She has already won the Student Traditional Animation award at the 2015 World Animation Celebration international short film festival for the film and was selected for the International Student Competition at Festival MONSTRA.

We caught up with Alice to find out more about her inspiration for the film, what she’s up to now and her one piece of advice for current students:

What gave you the idea to make Riflesso?

“My initial, vague idea for Riflesso was born from a frustration that in the beginning I just couldn’t figure out.

“I thought I wanted to create a film about the frustration of someone doing a job that they aren’t passionate about – working just to get enough money to survive. That idea of being ‘just a number in society’. But I didn’t know why I was focusing on that. After a talk with my tutor, I realised that this frustration was actually more personal.

“I left my country because I felt I couldn’t see a future there. I didn’t know what I could study that would get the best out of me and – in particular – what kind of job I could do after finishing university. In Italy, especially with the arts, it’s really hard to find satisfaction and recognition.

“I got the idea for the film from all those people who just complain about their life and the general situation of the country (like the uncle on the sofa in Riflesso) without doing anything to change it.”

How has life been after graduation?

“At the moment, I’m working for a London-based studio called Lupus Films. We are currently working on a feature film, ‘Ethel and Ernest’, which should come out in the summer.

“I was lucky to get this job before I finished university, so life after graduation has just been great. I love the studio I’m working in and the film is coming out beautifully.”

Why did you choose to study at AUB?

“In Italy, I studied Fine Art at the Academy of Arts in Venice, but it wasn’t my cup of tea. So, with the big help of my parents I started to look around for something different.

“I didn’t really know what to look for; the only thing I knew was that I really like illustration and film. I took a week to travel around England to see some schools and to do the interviews, and actually discovered AUB through Bournemouth University.

“I visited AUB and it was just the perfect place! I loved everything about it and the course looked great and intense. I just couldn’t wait to start.”

Alice’s one piece of advice

“Always make the best of everything! That’s my one piece of advice. Not everyone has access to the education and professional opportunities that AUB gives young artists. Enjoy it and express yourself.”