British Architecture & Design

23rd July – 9th August 2019

A highly practical course which includes a series of study trips to introduce the principles of British Architecture and design.

Course highlights include:

  • Principles of architectural design
  • Spatial awareness
  • Urban planning
  • Course study trips including Stonehenge, Bath & London
  • Project: Ancient vs Modern
  • Research and sketchbook sessions
  • Responding to an architectural brief
  • Experimental design and large-scale installations
  • Architectural materials, structures and construction
  • Digital Drawing
  • Laser Cutting and CAD software
  • Developing a 3D model

An ideal introduction to British architecture and design, this course is based around the creative processes of ‘thinking and making’ to enhance your understanding of architectural design.

You will consider architectural concepts of space, form, function and technology through a mixture of theory, practice and fieldwork. You will develop your drawing skills, whilst individual and group studio projects will allow you to explore building materials and methods of construction.

Course study trips will underpin your studio sessions with visits to significant buildings and public spaces, including London. You’ll be encouraged to use digital techniques in your work, along with drawing and illustrative methods to develop your ideas on building concepts, spatial awareness and form.

Using your drawings and digital software, you will also produce a 3D model from your design.


Course Aims

  • Develop your working knowledge and understanding of architectural design concepts, techniques and processes
  • Provide extended practical sessions to experiment with architectural processes in a Higher Education setting
  • Enable you to produce a varied folio of architectural drawings, designs and models work to demonstrate your skills and knowledge
  • Encourage your independent thinking and critical reflection when responding to a brief and investigating architectural design solutions
  • Raise your awareness of historical, contextual and theoretical issues that influence architectural design
  • Encourage an understanding of the relationship between theory, history and practice
  • Enhance your understanding of architectural design techniques; how to communicate visually and respond creatively to a brief
  • Improve your ability to communicate confidently and to use appropriate presentation skills

Course Materials & Resources

All course materials, equipment and course trips are included in the course fee.

Students will be taught in professional art and design studios and digital suites, with access to our library and online resources.

Course Outcomes & Assessment

Work produced during the course will be collated into a digital journal for students to add to their portfolio or for future development.

All students with 100% course attendance will be issued with an official AUB Summer Course Certificate detailing course contents and study hours.


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