Students and staff from BA (Hons) Visual Communication brought the Great British Bake Off to AUB with their third annual Type and Cake competition.

Described by course leader, Sally Hope, as a fusion of the course’s collective love for type, cake and baking, the competition saw students from all three years, as well as lecturers and visiting tutors, enter cakes to be judged by a panel of graphic designers and industry experts.

Advertising creative and Visiting tutor on Visual Communication, Mark Sephton, said of the competition: “I think it’s really important, just stepping out of the preconceptions of design and the constraints of what you think you should be doing, I think this totally loosens your whole approach.

“It takes you out of your comfort zone of working with a certain medium and a certain font, when you’re working with chocolate and piping bag and flour anything can happen!”

Graphic Designer and founder of Type Testing, Sarah Hyndman, was judging the competition for the first time and said: “It’s really love to see the amount of energy, the amount of craft and the amount of detail that everybody has put into it and how many people took part as well.

“I invite people to make edible type and they usually just send me photos, so it’s nice to be able to eat — it’s a treat!”

The overall winner from this year’s competition was third-year student Zachariah Lloyd, who used his girlfriend’s chocolate cake recipe and cut out letterforms from the sponge. “It took an hour to cut them out,” he said, “I couldn’t tell you what typeface it was I was trying to cut them out well!”