The Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards received an overwhelming amount of entries, selecting 20 winning artists. MA Commercial Photography student Dorine Bessiere was one of the 20, for her ‘Cheeses’ still life images.

Dorine’s work is a series composing of six images, within each picture the colours used have been carefully chosen to match the others and each photo mirrors the same elements as a sign of continuity.

Speaking about her work Dorine explains:

“The story around the series is related to my own current life as a French woman studying in England. The French food is well known for its finesse and flavour as part of the French nationality and tradition while I have also chosen some English cheeses that reflect my love of both countries. Thus this is an autobiographical project, in terms of its symbolism without the need for human representation.

I wanted the subject matter to lose its domestic purpose, to become sculptural objects that invite meditation and contemplation. Through precision, control and timelessness, it appears that none of the cheeses have been placed by accident. We forget about how cheeses stink, or the main purpose of making cheeses to eat. We look at them away from their normal function with a more conceptual approach. This project is my attempt to take a fresh a look at what a modernist form of still life could be nowadays.”

“I never would have guessed that I would select cheese still-lifes as a contest winner,” competition judge Stephen Pierson writes of Dorine’s work “But this series genuinely blows me away. Ms. Bessiere’s understanding of color theory is utterly brilliant.” ArtBridge executive director Stephen Pierson

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