Creative Events Management - 3/3 - Arts University Bournemouth

Creative Events Management students Visit Museum of Design in Plastic

BA (Hons) Creative Events Management students recently paid a visit to AUB’s on-site Museum of Design in Plastic (MoDiP), as part of their first year Culture and Society unit.

Located within the AUB Library, MoDiP is a specialist research resource and the only accredited museum in the UK with a focus on plastics.

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Suzi Dent, Creative Events Management Graduate, Speaks About her Course Experiences

BA (Hons) Creative Events Management alumna, Suzi Dent, graduated from what was then BA (Hons) Arts and Events Management, in 2005. She tells us about her time on the course, and working in the events world.

What age were you when you first noticed a passion for Creative Events Management (CEM) and where did the inspiration come from?

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The R.A.W Project

The R.A.W Project celebrated the existing creative scene in Bournemouth and left behind a cultural legacy.

The focal point of this event was the unveiling of a 190 metre squared mural, delivered by renowned local artist Miroslav Lucan (Lucan Art). The piece will endure for 10 years and, it is hoped, will become a cultural landmark for Bournemouth.

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‘Signals’ Exhibition at Canvas, Bournemouth

‘Signals’ was a pop-up, multi-art-form exhibition that incorporated immersive performance to explore the topics of consent, sexual assault and the positive and negative sides of sex.

The thought-provoking artwork featured within ‘Signals’ was sourced from a range of talented local and international artists, whose work included photography, sculpture, illustration and installation.

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South Coast Spring Fair

South Coast Spring Fair was a public event that took place on Saturday 22nd April in the Triangle, Bournemouth.

The Triangle is a rapidly developing part of the town and the students were able to take full advantage of this interesting space for their project, with the support of local shops and businesses.

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Feel Free Project

Non-profit campaign initiated by a group of students at AUB, hoping to increase awareness for mental health and encourage a stigma-free community.

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The Grasp Project

The Grasp Project was a collaboration of Arts University Bournemouth students and Oh Comely Magazine, that aimed to reconnect people with craftsmanship.

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What Would You?

A multi-art form community event that raises awareness for Bournemouth Blind Society through reconnecting people with their senses.

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