Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture - 2/5 - Arts University Bournemouth

A Visit From Professor Sir Peter Cook

Architecture students and staff were treated to not one but two inspiring lectures by Honorary Fellow, Professor Sir Peter Cook.

An esteemed architect, lecturer, and influential writer, Professor Sir Peter Cook’s career began right here as a student in Bournemouth, where the picturesque Dorset coastline and enriching Landsdowne Library facilitated his creativity.

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Restless: Drawn by Zaha Hadid

Friday 9th March 2018 at 12pm

On Friday, Dr. Nerma Cridge will deliver a detailed lecture about Zaha Hadid’s early series of drawings and paintings.

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Architecture Students Visit Berry Court Development Site

BA (Hons) Architecture students visit the Berry Court development in Bournemouth, a joint venture between Morgan Sindall Investments and Bournemouth Borough Council.

The students were shown around the development of 113 apartments by main contractor, Morgan Sindall Construction, and project architect, David Hannaford of BrightSpace Architects. The tour was part of an ongoing relationship between the AUB BA (Hons) Architecture course and Morgan Sindall Construction, which saw a similar group undertake a tour last year.

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Daniel Bosia – Engineering on the curve: From Zaha to the Drawing Studio

On Friday 23rd February 2018, Adams Kara Taylor (AKT) Engineers Director, Daniel Bosia, will provide an insightful lecture on ‘Engineering on the Curve, from ZHA to the Drawing Studio’.

Great buildings need a great team, and architects need engineers. The remarkable 1930s Lubetkin Penguin Pool needed Ove Arup. Last week we heard from Helmut Kinzler at Zaha Hadid Architects, that when the Zaha team won the Cincinnati Gallery competition, with their flying, projecting building, they were no different.

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Architecture Now – Paul Finch: an A to Z(aha)

Part of the Zaha Hadid exhibition lecture series. 

On Friday 16th February, Journalist and Critic Paul Finch, FRIBA, Executive Editor, E-map/Architectural Review and WAF, hosted Architecture Now: an A to Z(aha).

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Design Engine Architects: Building Stories

BA (Hons) Architecture Keynote Lecture: Design Engine Architects

On 9th February 2018, Design Engine Architects’ Founding Director, Richard Jobson, rewarded the BA (Hons) Architecture course with an insightful lecture, topics of which included their new publication, Building Stories.

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Zaha Hadid Architects: Evolution Exhibition Arrives at TheGallery

TheGallery welcomes the Zaha Hadid Architects: Evolution exhibition, in collaboration with the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) and Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA).

Curated by Dr. Christian McLening and Woody Yao, the exhibition explores how ZHA has tailored its design processes over the past thirty years resulting in some of the world’s most ground-breaking structures. From handmade models and sketches, to 3D printed prototypes and videos, follow the extraordinary journey from analogue to digital and discover how different media has played an important role in project generation.

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Tim Knowles: The Dynamics of Drifting

Tim Knowles is a Master of the Pivot, a maker artist, he is a man who helped the trees draw. He visits AUB on Friday 2nd February to deliver a talk to BA (Hons) Architecture students.

Knowles has exhibited widely in the UK and Europe. His past exhibitions include “Verdant” at MassART, Boston, “The Posting” at Bouillants, Rennes, France, “Landscape and More” at Galeria SIX, Milan, Italy, “For the Baron” at The Horticultural Society of New York, the “Over Yonder” commission in Leeds, “Cimento dell’armonia e dell’invenzione” at the Galerija Gregor Podnar, Berlin, “Fluxus Now” at The Exchange, Penzance, and many more.

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ARB: Routes to Qualification, Annual Update

Guest speaker, Elaine Stowell, from the Architects Registration Board, presents the routes to qualifying as an architect to BA (Hons) Architecture students.

The ARB are an independent, public interest body, established by Parliament in 1997 to regulate the architects’ profession in the UK. Their work regulates architects and ensures that good standards within the profession are consistently maintained for the benefit of the public and architects alike.

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Masters of Architecture Thesis Projects

The Architectural Thesis – the final project or the first?

Ed Frith the M.Arch. Course Leader will give an introduction at the launch of this project explaining the professional and academic setting for the context of the Masters, the importance of the quality of making and the Masters potential role in both launching architecture careers, and in its questioning of architecture and its role in society.

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MAP Architecture Exhibition at the Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts

MAP, an architectural exhibition curated by second year BA (Hons) Architecture students and Senior Lecturer, Channa Vithana, was recently displayed at The Lighthouse, Poole.

The exhibition originated as Music Architecture Poole in 2011, displaying work based on Poole town. Poole’s rich history is evident and the students analyse  moments of the past and present together in the exhibition.

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Fashion, Architecture and Textiles Collaboration

Recently, students from BA (Hons) Fashion, BA (Hons) Architecture and BA (Hons) Textiles courses collaborated in cross-course teams while responding to a live project based in Poole.

This popular project takes place between the courses each year, and has been running for the past six years. Placed into mixed teams, students were given a word and a location in Poole to respond to in a creative way.

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