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Emma McKinney on life after university

BA (Hons) Fine Art alumni, Emma McKinney, tells us about life after university…

Emma graduated from the BA (Hons) Fine Art course at AUB in 2015. Since March 2016, she has been working at Eastside Projects, an artist-run organisation based in a gallery in Birmingham.

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Acting alumni at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

BA (Hons) Acting graduates have produced the show ‘Beyond Expectations’ for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

AUB Alumni, Jessica Levinson Young and Joseph Rynhart, worked alongside 5 other AUB Actors on the innovative re-imagining of Great Expectations.

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Graphic Design alumnus creates real life Disney characters

BA (Hons) Graphic Design alumnus Jirka Väätäinen has re-created Disney characters in real life.

Jirka’s real life Disney characters came to life whilst still studying at AUB, but his work doesn’t stop there. Since graduating 2012, Jirka has gone on to work for Helsinki based advertising agency, Folk Finland Oy, as well as travelling to Australia and working freelance.

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Kevin Leslie stars in ‘Rise of the Krays’

Graduating from BA (Hons) Acting course in 2010 Kevin Leslie, 26, stars as Reggie Kray in Rise of the Krays, a film about the younger days of the notorious East End gangster brothers.

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Ten questions to Director Tomas Leach

Tomas Leach graduated in Film Production in 2002. He is now working as a director and released his first feature in 2014, ‘In No Great Hurry’ – a documentary about New York Photographer Saul Leiter.  We asked him ten questions about his past, present and future aspirations…


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Claire Prosser

Claire Prosser (Fine Art, 2011) writes about her art, the challenges after graduating and breaking down the boundaries of job titles:

“In 2011, I received a First Class Honours from the BA (Hons) Fine Art course at the Arts University at Bournemouth. This made me a pretty good fine artist- apparently. But I have always had trouble with the title ‘Artist’.  I mean having a title is a difficult thing anyway. We are more than one thing. We are generally lots of things, but we don’t put a decathlon of activities as our job title on a CV. Ok, I may not have done a decathlon but I have done some triathlons since completing my degree, and coached running clubs and walked up the UK’s three tallest peaks in just short of 24 hours. Not many people put together an advocate for health and well being alongside being a fine artist. But I believe a sound body and mind, fit, focused and at ease with oneself makes for creative flow.

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Close-knit Costume Course sew industry thread

Alumnus: Claire Collins          Graduated: 2003                      Job: Designer

Costume Alumnus Claire Collins reveals how the tight relationship on this course gives students the contacts for successful careers. After working in the Industry for 10 years, the costume course is still a major part of her professional circle.

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Photographer Karen Fuchs in conversation with Alumni Officer about her upcoming Exhibition

In this conversation with Alumni Officer Belinda Milestone, Karen Fuchs looks back at her life and talks about her inspirations, fate and philosophy that surrounds her retrospective exhibition, Unscripted.

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