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Exhibition - 3/6 - Arts University Bournemouth

A celebration of print in former press room of the Bournemouth Echo

A group of Illustration students from Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) are bringing traditional printmaking skills back to the Print Room with a site-specific project for the former press room of the Bournemouth Echo newspaper in Richmond Hill, which is now elegant restaurant, The Print Room.

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Arts Pavilion Bournemouth at the Venice Biennale

Arts Pavilion Bournemouth


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Jerwood Drawing Prize 2012: Touring Exhibition at AUB

From 22nd March – 26th April 2013, the prestigious Jerwood Drawing Prize 2012: Touring Exhibition will be on display in TheGallery at Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) – the only university of five venues chosen to host this renowned exhibition.

Jerwood Drawing Prize 2012 is the largest and longest running annual open exhibition for drawing in the UK. Judged by an independent panel of selectors including Stephen Coppel, Curator of the Modern Collection at the British Museum; Kate Macfarlane, Co-Director of The Drawing Room, London; and Lisa Milroy; Artist and Head of Graduate Painting at the Slade School of Fine Art, the Prize aims to explore and celebrate the diversity, excellence and range of current drawing practice in the UK.

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41 Reasons We Still Need Superman

TheGallery at the Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) is the first venue in the UK and Europe to exhibit the growing international touring exhibition ’41 Reasons We Still Need Superman’.

Curated by Tim Crowley, the video art exhibition originates from Beijing, China and is in TheGallery until 7th March. The exhibition is an extensive overview of video work from the last 15 years. In true Myspace/ Facebook fashion, the selection is personalised and intentionally open, customised and compartmentalised yet available to all.

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VALUES: a solo exhibition by Jane Wilbraham

A solo exhibition by artist Jane Wilbraham that brings together selected works from the past with an emphasis on recent watercolours and carved works made from Sycamore wood is the first to be exhibited in TheGallery at the newly named Arts University Bournemouth.

From 11th January – 15th February 2013, Wilbraham’s work will be exhibited in TheGallery as part of a text+work exhibition with an accompanying text by Paul Hedge, Director of the Hales Gallery, London. Wilbraham’s creative oeuvre has encompassed deliberately varied mediums such as watercolour, drawing, text assemblages, photo-collages and carved wooden sculptural works. The materiality and craft skills adopted for each body of work are carefully selected, honed and embraced, placing Wilbraham within particular traditions of making. Her works are often thematic and spring from an interest in artistic/ political/ economic and cultural value systems.

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The Westway – a portrait of a community

The latest exhibition by Commercial Photography Senior Lecturer Paul Wenham-Clarke from the Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) documents the lives of those living beneath and in the shadow of the A40 flyover in West London.

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Beastly Designs

Beastly Designs opens 19th November 2012 and closes 28th April 2013 –

Animals have evolved over thousands of years to maximise the potential of their most defining characteristics, for example the long grasping fingers and arms of an ape, the coiling of a snake, the far reaching, curving neck of the brontosaurus, the streamlined aerodynamics of birds, and arguably, the poise, elegance and adaptability of the human form.

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Music Architecture Poole Exhibition at Lighthouse

Music Architecture Poole (MAP) focuses on the engagement of 40 second year Architecture students and their final year Music School Project, which is based on the site opposite the...

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Them to Us / Land to Sea at the AUB

A new exhibition by artist Richard William Wheater which uses performance and installation to discuss our relationship with the natural environment in on in TheGallery at The Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) from 19th October – 23rd November 2012.

Them to Us / Land to Sea presents two significant bodies of work that took place on location – Them to Us was a project that took place across six UK locations, including Ferrybridge Power Station, Leicester Botanical Gardens and Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and Land to Sea was commissioned by the AUB in August this year at Bournemouth Beach, to mark the return of the Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival.

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AUB helps launch Arts by the Sea Festival

On Saturday 29th September The Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) helped launch the second annual Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival with the aid of a yellow skip and a giant pink inflatable shell.

The yellow skip was part of celebrated performance artist Marcia Farquhar’s public series of lectures which was commissioned by TheGallery at the AUB. The skip, in which ‘The Open University’ was situated, was positioned outside WestBeach Restaurant on Bournemouth seafront. Functioning as an outdoor lecture theatre for the day, Marcia gave a series of lectures from inside the skip, inviting members of the public to sit with her and listen to each lecture, which took on the subject of what is and what is not trash.As the creator, curator, and hostess of this forum, Marcia also extended a standing invitation to a range of experts and would-be experts to participate in the 15-minute lectures, which took place throughout the day from 12pm until 11pm.

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Marcia Farquhar’s The Open University

On Saturday 29th September TheGallery at The Arts University Bournemouth has commissioned celebrated performance artist Marcia Farquhar to give a series of lectures from inside a skip, inviting members of the public to sit with her in the skip and listen to the lectures.

‘The Open University’ which is situated outside WestBeach Restaurant near Pier Approach, Bournemouth forms part of the Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival, an annual high-profile arts festival that attracts and engages thousands of visitors to Bournemouth. The month-long festival includes an exciting programme of spectacular arts events and performances with some unexpected twists.

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Power Plays at the AUB

A new exhibition by artist Laura Eldret opens in TheGallery at The Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) on Friday 14th September – 12th October 2012. Power Plays, which presents two new film works, Muster and Fought by Eldret, explore issues of artistic authorship, personal empowerment, choice, obligation and how powers constantly shift. The exhibition courts the seductive power of the spectacle, exploring how individuals create, record and retell their individual and collective identities.

Fought (2011-12) is a three-part project: a live event in which a boxing match was re-enacted; a documentary film of the re-enactment; and a play based on the documentary film. The restaging of the boxing match was held at a venue in central London and witnessed by a crowd of artists, curators and others, many of whom had never seen a boxing match before. ‘Power Plays’ will feature the documentary film, which was made in collaboration with BWB boxing and filmmaker Renee Vaughan Sutherland.

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