MAP 2015

MAP 2015 - Arts University Bournemouth

MAP 2015 Interview – Lucy Steeden

Lucy Steeden – BA (Hons) Architecture

A passion for bricks has driven Lucy into searching and discovering what is good in brick-built architecture from a small Furniture Shop that was inspired laterally by Japanese timber jointing details that informed sensitively designed brick componentry, to a Music School rich in brick texture, colour and detailing. Finally, Lucy worked on a future scenario that has a dark industrial outlook where a hybrid of old brick factories are rebuilt into new, layered towers along Poole’s skyline centred around the hearth and focussing on the elements of fire, water and earth.

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MAP 2015 Interview – Emily Riddiough

Emily Riddiough – BA (Hons) Architecture

With her studies in frames and intricate connections in structures, Emily is intrigued by how architecture can engage the public realm with expressiveness. She designed superbly a special toffee shop in her first second year project which poetically expressed toffee coloured concrete to delightfully tangible architecture.

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MAP 2015 Interview – Paul Richardson

Paul Richardson – BA (Hons) Architecture

Involved in a similar interest in curvature in buildings (but designed using a completely different methodology) since his music school project, Paul is pursuing the ‘ideal curve’, through studies in materials, structures and meaningful spaces at human and city scale that incorporate and identify elegance in architecture through curvilinear design. Paul is a gregarious and valuable member of the student cohort who never ceases to try to improve progressively what he needs to learn and do in architecture.

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MAP 2015 Interview – Alice Hewitt

Alice Hewitt – BA (Hons) Architecture

Alice researched and analysed curved architecture that incorporates concrete and steel to create highly expressive and individualistic buildings and urban spaces. She is interested in botanics and the relationship of natural ecosystems to architecture. Alice is a good thinker, maker and designer. She has also authored and designed a children’s book within her PDP document as an extension to her abilities to draw and create beautiful architectural visualisations.

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