MAP 2014

MAP 2014 - Arts University Bournemouth

MAP 2014 Interview – Elspeth McBain (Chief Executive of Lighthouse Poole)

Elspeth McBain – Chief Executive of Lighthouse Poole

“The inspiration for MAP came back 2010 when we had a first conversation around the place of a building in its community and the positioning of an Arts centre in its town.  I’m very interested in the building and the sense of what happens within it and how the building itself plays an important part in being able to deliver whatever the function is.

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MAP 2014 Interview – Rianna Holliss

Rianna Holliss – BA (Hons) Architecture

“Being able to curate an architectural exhibition in a public building such as the Lighthouse is an amazing opportunity.”

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MAP 2014 Interview – Jack Lodge

Jack Lodge – BA (Hons) Architecture

“Being one of the 5 curators of MAP this year has been a fantastic experience.

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MAP 2014 Interview – Joe Walker

Joe Walker – BA (Hons) Architecture

“I intended on doing something for my research based on this unit, and I knew I wanted to try and do something involving music.

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MAP 2014 Interview – Zenab Naheed

Zenab Naheed – BA (Hons) Architecture

“My project is based in crafting, so I’m looking into materials, and then crafting the corner of the exhibition.

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MAP 2014 Interview – Sara St.George (Head of Marketing at Lighthouse Poole)

Sara St.George  – Head of Marketing at Lighthouse Poole

“It’s incredible how much MAP has developed over four years. When I first met Channa in the beginning, we were working with just two students and it was a new idea. I was looking after the Visual Arts Programming at the time and he just said ‘explore this and see where you go with it’.

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MAP 2014 Interview – Haibin Fu

“I think different people have different problems and different relations to the exhibition of their work.

I am focusing on projections and 3D spatial views of the exhibition. The idea of making a panorama tour came out since I was in primary school. Although at that time, even have a personal computer was a luxury thing. Time flies, with today’s technology, this dream come true.

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