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Black Mirror 2: Elsewhere. Call For Papers

We are now seeking written contributions for the next volume in the Black Mirror series: Black Mirror 2 – Elsewhere.

This volume will examine how the inner world of visions, spirits, dreams and magic has been explored by contemporary and modern artists, film makers and other cultural practitioners (1900 – present day).

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Black Mirror 0: Territory launch & panel discussion at AUB

Black Mirror 0 enjoyed another launch at the Gallery at AUB on 21st Jan 2015.

A welcome speech by the deputy Vice Chancellor Emma Hunt was followed by a question and answer session, eliciting responses from the three editors, Robert Ansell, Judith Noble and Dominic Shepherd and chaired by Professor Oren Liebermann. As well as throwing light on the first book and the network, areas discussed included the talismanic book and the dichotomy of using academic tools to elucidate on the hidden or occult.

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Black Mirror 0: Territory Launch

Fulgur and AUB held the first official event by Black Mirror, a research network exploring the relationship between modernism contemporary art and the occult.

October 30th 2014 saw the launch of the first Black mirror volume: Black Mirror 0 – Territory, edited by Judith Noble, Dominic Shepherd and Robert Ansell and published by Fulgur Esoterica. The launch was held at the Cobb Gallery, London and included a sonic performance  by Mark Titchner and Alex Tucker entitled The Fool.

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Age-old artform reworked by AUB staff

AUB Staff are working in Partnership with Cambridge University and the European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism to present a two day collaborative conference entitled ‘Visions of Enchantment’ which sees some of the leading academics in the field from across the world present, including Professor Antoine Faive (Sorbonne University) and Dr Marco Pasi (University of Amsterdam)

The conference provides a modern take on an age old subject and artform – underpinned by AUB staff and their research specialisms.

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