Case Study

Case Study - 3/7 - Arts University Bournemouth

Kate McStraw — 2012 Graduate

"During my studies at AUB, I found I was never certain which pathway I wanted to take; making, designing, supervising… None of these felt like a total ‘fit’ for me. Then during 2nd...

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Emily Hughes – 2012 Graduate

Emily graduated in 2012 and her book Nana Shaped Like a Banana came second in the Macmillan Prize for Childrens’ Picture Books the same year. Emily’s first children’s book ‘Wild’ was published in 2013 and second ‘The Little Gardener’ in 2015 by Flying Eye Books.

View more of Emily’s work on her blog .

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Ten questions to Director Tomas Leach

Tomas Leach graduated in Film Production in 2002. He is now working as a director and released his first feature in 2014, ‘In No Great Hurry’ – a documentary about New York Photographer Saul Leiter.  We asked him ten questions about his past, present and future aspirations…


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Claire Prosser

Claire Prosser (Fine Art, 2011) writes about her art, the challenges after graduating and breaking down the boundaries of job titles:

“In 2011, I received a First Class Honours from the BA (Hons) Fine Art course at the Arts University at Bournemouth. This made me a pretty good fine artist- apparently. But I have always had trouble with the title ‘Artist’.  I mean having a title is a difficult thing anyway. We are more than one thing. We are generally lots of things, but we don’t put a decathlon of activities as our job title on a CV. Ok, I may not have done a decathlon but I have done some triathlons since completing my degree, and coached running clubs and walked up the UK’s three tallest peaks in just short of 24 hours. Not many people put together an advocate for health and well being alongside being a fine artist. But I believe a sound body and mind, fit, focused and at ease with oneself makes for creative flow.

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Close-knit Costume Course sew industry thread

Alumnus: Claire Collins          Graduated: 2003                      Job: Designer

Costume Alumnus Claire Collins reveals how the tight relationship on this course gives students the contacts for successful careers. After working in the Industry for 10 years, the costume course is still a major part of her professional circle.

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Emma Harris – 2010 Alumni

After graduating from AUB in 2010, I trained at Aardman Animation on ‘The Pirates, An Adventure with Scientists’ where I did my work experience, and was accepted onto an animation training course with Mackinnon and Saunders. I have since been back to Mackinnon and Saunders in between projects at Aardman to work as an animator.

I have worked on five Shaun the Sheep projects – Nintendo DS, Championsheeps, Series 3, Series 4, with the movie being my 5th – and have been within the company for three years. I’m currently an assistant animator at Aardman Animation working on the Shaun the Sheep feature film.

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Amy Davis – 2007 Alumni

After graduating in 2007, I started working at Framestore as a runner. After several years working my way up in the studio, I am now a Digital Compositor in the film department.

I have worked on a number of great projects including the Harry Potter films, Sherlock Holmes 1&2 and Warhorse. This year I was part of the team that won the Oscar and BAFTA for Best VFX for our work on Gravity.

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Richard Burnside – 2009 Alumni

Richard Burnside graduated in 2009 and was employed by London based VFX house Double Negative as a Matchmove Artist later that year.

Still with Double Negative today he has gone from matchmoving to modelling and is now Lighting Technical Director. His filmography includes Iron Man 2, Inception, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Captain America, Total Recall, Fast and Furious 6, Jupiter Ascending and Interstellar.

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Joshua Ogden

At present I am a creative at AKQA.The Vis Com course helped me to be where I am now because it taught me to think broadly about design.

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Lauren Debono Elliot

I am currently a designer at Imagine Publishing in Bournemouth, where I work in a department called 'bookazines'. My job is to design and layout the inside pages as well as the front and back cover. The projects I have been involved in have varied

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Philip Hawkins

After a few months freelancing in London I have finally secured a junior designers role at Digitas Health. The deal with advertising & marketing for the health industry, and work under the Publicis Healthcare Communications Groupe. It’s a role that’s quite different to others that I’ve tried before, designing heavily educate the market and not so much sell sell sell. I work in an office right by Earls Court with a mix of people from all over the world. Enjoying it so far!

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James Smith

Currently a UX&D Design Trainee at the BBC.

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