I am a freelance portrait photographer based in Wiltshire and Central London

After graduating with a photography degree from the University for the Creative Arts in 2015, I undertook an MA in Commercial Photography at Arts University Bournemouth the following year which completes in August 2018.

My portrait work emphasises the tripartite relationship between photographer, subject and viewer. Through portraiture, I attempt to reference identity and individuality whilst conveying the generality of the human condition, allowing us to recognise ourselves within the images.

Irrespective of status or background, my subjects are represented honestly and authentically and, as viewers, are able to see ourselves in them.

Inspired by fine art and documentary sensibilities, my ‘straight’ style of photography acknowledges each subject’s individuality in everyday locations without attempts at dramatisation or theatricality.

Working against typecasts and stereotypes, each subject is allowed ‘simply to be’ without a contrived, directed approach towards their representation.

I commonly consider notions of truth in the portrait, and question how reliable surface details are in conveying suggestions of a subject’s essence or personhood. Through a considered, dialogical approach to the production of portraits, I look to find something of the person beneath the exterior; if we consider that to be a genuine possibility with the photographic portrait.

My portraits are reflective of the relationship between each subject and me, and act as a record of our interaction. Through this empathetic engagement, the resultant imagery can be considered as much a portrait of me, as it is of the individuals who appear.

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