14 December 2017 – 16 February 2018

Curated by Daniel Cox, Lucy Devall and Adele Keeley

Northwest Gallery, AUB

This exhibition showcases creative outputs of collaborative projects between Arts University Bournemouth and the industry. Along with the display of artefacts and digital pieces, The Creative Exchange highlights the process behind these unique projects, capturing the journey from conceptual brief through to final presentation of a project. Such collaborations are an intrinsic part of AUB’s learning and teaching practice and support the ultimate endeavor to develop new avenues for innovation through cross-disciplinary knowledge exchange.

Knowledge Exchange is about connecting AUB to our communities. It ensures staff and student research and creative practice has an impact on the world around us. It also enables us to learn from our industry partners and ensure that our teaching and skills development are up to date and our students are actively engaged with real industry problems. It is through these collaborations that we are able to explore new ways of tackling sustainability solutions to ongoing challenges and develop new capabilities for innovation.

As a specialist institute of learning, Arts University Bournemouth has a strong reputation in delivering skills-based capabilities across the creative, digital and maker industries. Whether through student ‘Live Briefs’, staff industry secondment or research projects locally or internationally, AUB has built an exceptional portfolio of industry work, just some of which is displayed here in this exhibition.

The Creative Exchange aims to highlight the broad scope of AUB’s industry projects; this covers architecture to creative writing as well as graphic design to costume. It also aims to present a record of the process behind these projects, providing food for thought about the ways in which AUB can support a range of briefs and deliver from concept stage through to a commercial launch. In recognition of this work, AUB has recently secured support from European Structural Investment Funding to build on its work and further open up its services to the Dorset business community.


Beards, Phil. Course Leader (BA) Creative Events Management
Cole, James. (BA) Creative Writing
Gaal-Holmes, Patti. Senior Lecturer (BA) Film Production
Hardie, Kirsten. National Teaching Fellow and Associate Professor (BA) Graphic Design
Huxley, Chris. Senior Lecturer (BA) Creative Events Management
Keeley, Adele. Senior Lecturer (BA) Costume and Performance Design
Lambert, Susan. Head of the Museum of Design in Plastics
Martin, Wayne. Senior Lecturer (BA) Costume and Performance Design
Morrison, Marion. Senior Lecturer (BA) Graphic Design
Piercey, Katharine. Senior Lecturer (BA) Acting
Stevens, Alice. Senior Lecturer (BA) Graphic Design
Winter, Bunny. Lecturer (BA) Costume and Performance Design

Further contributors to be confirmed


Daniel Cox
Daniel Cox is the Knowledge Exchange Manager here at the Arts University Bournemouth. Daniel has a background in delivering collaborative projects within the animation, film and games industry. Daniel was instrumental in establishing the Centre for Digital Entertainment at Bournemouth University, a collaboration that works to develop links between industry and academia through research projects. Daniel is the Knowledge Exchange Manager for Arts University Bournemouth where he is responsible for developing relationships with external partners.

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Lucy Devall
Lucy Devall is Innovation Studio Outreach Senior Officer here at the Arts University Bournemouth.  Lucy has a background in managing innovation projects and a keen interest in sustainable development. Initially trained in textiles and clothing manufacturer, she has worked within smart textiles, fashion marketing and more recently led research and development projects for makerspace institutes in the UK and east Africa with a focus on design thinking and appropriate technology for sustainable development.

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Adele Keeley
Adele is Senior Lecturer on the Costume and Performance Design course. With a keen interest in regional partnerships, Adele is actively engaged in the performing arts community in Dorset and is a Trustee for Activate Performing Arts. In 2017, Adele was awarded an industry secondment to accompany the Dorset-based Theatre Company, Gobbledegook theatre, to South Korea. The company were commissioned by the Seoul Street Arts Festival to perform their highly successful production of Ear Trumpet. Integrated into the theatre company Adele was a key to the re-visualising of this performance within an international setting.

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