Our aims

  • To encourage students and staff to commute by sustainable means e.g. walking, cycling, public transport or car-sharing.
  • To provide incentives to travel sustainability e.g. bus cards and cycle scheme.
  • To monitor travel and associated emissions and set targets.
  • To promote a sustainable, integrated approach to transport, which will reduce the impact of the University on the local environment and community, particularly in terms of congestion and traffic pollution, and ensure we are making a contribution to national carbon reduction targets, by reducing single-occupancy car use and increasing the use of sustainable modes of transport such as walking, cycling and public transport.

Our results

  • Since the launch of the first Sustainable Transport and Travel Plan, we’ve been committed to investing in the necessary measures, initiatives and infrastructure required to promote sustainable travel behaviour, and we have a proven track record of success. Since 2002, single occupancy car use has been reduced from 64% to 49% for staff, and from 15% to 12% for students.
  • We’ve seen so many benefits from out Sustainable transport and travel plan already – like introducing university bus services, installing more sheltered cycle racks and other cycle storage provision, better travel information, and incentives such as salary sacrifice schemes and interest-free loans.

Travel plan

The travel plan can be viewed along with all environmental sustainability documents in the Governance, policies and plans section.

Our fleet

We’ve got a fleet of nine vehicles for university activities. In 2018, we purchased our first electric vehicle that reduces emissions by approximately 1000kg CO2e per academic year.


We’re committed to reducing emissions associated with commuting, however, we’re aware of the challenges that the location of the campus presents.

Students can buy competitively priced bus card through the UNIBUS service and staff can apply for a subsidised bus card. We also operate a cycle scheme for staff and cycling workshops for the whole community.

The nearest train station to the campus is Bournemouth, with a direct route between London and Weymouth. Find out more about getting to our campus.

Bus Service

We’ve got our own UNIBUS service. Benefits of this service include competitive prices and regular times and routes for students and staff. Find out more about UNIBUS timetables and fares.

Shower facilities

For those wishing to walk, run or cycle to AUB there are shower facilities available.

Lift sharing

Staff receive discounted parking permits if they car share. Details can be obtained from the Travel to AUB document in the Governance, Policies and Plans section and the application form is available on the Intranet.