Our aims

  • To be certified as a Fairtrade university.
  • To increase the amount of recycled coffee cups.
  • To offer healthy food options.


Our results

  • We’re a member of the Fairtrade scheme.
  • We’ve introduced coffee cup recycling bins at each of the three catering outlets.
  • Healthy food options are supplied via our catering contractor.


Fairtrade works with many global stakeholders advocating policies, procedures and practices that ensure trade is fair.

Trade injustices affect the poorest and weakest producers and Fairtrade seeks to correct these injustices through ensuring sustainable prices, decent working conditions, localized trade and fair terms for developing countries.

We’re a member of the Fairtrade scheme and ensure the following:

  • Internal meetings currently use Fairtrade products.
  • Fairtrade products sold at every catering outlet as well as the shop.
  • Fairtrade Fortnight is held annually.
  • AUBSU run events that include Fairtrade activities.

Food and drink

We’re committed to ensuring that healthy and sustainable food is available to students, staff and visitors. This means that the food served on campus is traceable, freshly prepared and locally sourced where possible.

Across our outlets on campus, we ensure that:

  • All whole (shell and hard-boiled), liquid and dried eggs (if applicable) purchased are from a free-range production system
  • No fish is served that appears on the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) ‘red list’ and serve MSC-certified fish, maximizing the use of fish from the MCS ‘fish to eat’ list
  • Menus change with the availability of seasonal produce with at least two major items per dish served in the season in which they are naturally abundant
  • We use only 100% Red Tractor Assured meat and dairy products and follow Feel Good Food Days guidance on meat and dairy portions
  • Only 100% organic milk is purchased.
  • We use Honest Bean triple-certified coffee (Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and organic)
  • Locally sourced ingredients are incorporated into daily menus.

Coffee cup surcharge

We’ve just introduced a 30p coffee cup surcharge to encourage students and staff to bring reusable containers and reduce waste.

Our catering contract is with Chartwells who are part of the Compass Group UK. Their environmental responsibilities can be viewed in full on their website.


We provide free drinking water to all students, staff and visitors through our AquAid contract – encouraging the use of reusable water bottles. Their environmental responsibilities, aid and Trusts they support can be found on their website.