Our aims

  • To reduce CO2e emissions per head by 40% by 2020 against 2005/6 baseline.
  • To reduce m3 water used per head.


Our results

  • A new Carbon Management Plan (CMP) was developed in 2018.
  • We’ve met and superseded our CO2e emission target ahead of deadline.
  • We’ve recorded reliable and accurate data for water consumption as we’re aiming to establish a new baseline and target.

Climate change – Higher Education sector

The Higher Education sector target is a 43% reduction of CO2e emissions by 2020 against a 2005/6 baseline.

The new CMP takes us through to 2021 – in anticipation of a potential new sector target being announced in 2020. Some of the projects we’re working on include:

  • Installing LED lighting across the campus
  • Upgrading the Building Management System
  • Reviewing the North Building heating/water system
  • …and many other initiatives.

Display Energy Certificates (DEC)

DECs are displayed at the entrance to each building. This gives a general overview of the energy efficiency of each building.