Our goal is to ensure a sustainable future for the University as a specialist provider of arts, design, media and performance education.

To this extent, we are committed to complying with legislative requirements imposed by the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and other current legislation.

AUB is conscious of its responsibility in raising the awareness of environmental and sustainability issues to our stakeholders. We are committed in being proactive to reduce our affect on limited global resources.

At the University, we are committed to making improvements to minimise the environmental impact of our activities in the most effective way, and to continually improve through the systematic examination of our processes.

Staff and student involvement in environmental and sustainability issues will be encouraged through appropriate communication of information, training and in the teaching environment.

All staff inductions incorporate environmental sustainability, health & safety and other relevant information. E-Learning Modules for Sustainable Procurement training have been invested in through HEPA.

The Student Union have representatives for all meetings relating to finance, environment and campus services.

The Environment Committee monitors and promotes environmental sustainability in all its aspects by identifying, raising awareness of and championing good practice in environmental management and the use of non-renewable resources. It also makes recommendations to the University Management Team.

The Environment Committee constitution comprises the Chair – University Secretary and Director for Student Experience – with appropriate professional and academic representatives, the Student Union and with invitations sent to Trade Union representatives.

AUB recently committed to never invest in fossil fuels – you can read more about this here.