Construction of the Drawing Studio

Complex curved forms give buildings and bridges a unique allure. These structures of steel or other metals also make them extremely strong when a self-bearing and monocoque construction is applied.

CIG Architecture appointed by AUB is the world leader in 3D forming of all types of metal plates and profiles and offers integrated solutions to international architects and engineering companies.

Central Industry Group (CIG) is an innovation-driven, technologically advanced industrial conglomerate engaged in shipbuilding, constructional design and production for complex architectural projects and the renewable energy industry worldwide. Founded in 1972, CIG has been a trusted partner for the international shipbuilding industry.

Their expertise in 3D steel forming is unsurpassed; it enables them to provide AUB with steel constructional design and product tailored to our aspirations and conceptual designs.

The structure is an all-steel prefabricated semi-monocoque construction, imported from Germany and bolted onto the site slab, internally acoustically treated giving a continuous white surface.

The internal surfaces are white with a grey floor. The exterior is a simple but deliberately identifiable and curvaceous form in blue, constructed from steel.