Building The Bridge is one of the case studies mentioned in HEFCE’s Annual Report and Accounts for 2013-14.

The report explains how the project contributes to HEFCE’s achievements, specifically in “continuing to drive a strong culture of knowledge exchange within institutions which supports and encourages sustained contribution to economic growth, including alignment with the Industrial Strategy, and, in particular, identify innovative modes of knowledge exchange which are presently effective in supporting economic growth.” (HEFCE Annual report and accounts 2013-14, page 30, Key performance target 9)

One area of HEFCE’s achievements within the subject of “innovation through knowledge exchange” is “supporting national and local innovation and growth”. The report sets out the background of the funding award for projects like AUB’s ‘Building the Bridge’:

“In 2012, the HEFCE Board agreed a new strategic approach to supporting universities and colleges to contribute to the country’s economic growth challenge. As part of the Board’s strategy, additional funding for knowledge exchange was provided, and greater prominence given when making allocations from the Catalyst Fund to key aspects of growth, innovation, industrial sector strategy and the anchor role of HEIs for the economy and society.” (HEFCE Annual report and accounts 2013-14, page 11)

Case Study — HEFCE Catalyst Fund: Arts University Bournemouth

“HEFCE has awarded £439,900 to the Arts University Bournemouth for ‘Building the Bridge’; a project that develops the university’s strong relationship with the Visual Effects Industry, in particular the British visual effects company, Framestore. It aims to maintain and develop the current global lead of UK visual effects by ensuring a supply of appropriately skilled and experienced people. As part of the project, the visual effects industry will mentor higher education students. It will also create staff exchanges between academics and industry professionals to support professional development. Some of the work on the film ‘Gravity’ involved graduates and interns from the university, and was undertaken at Framestore’s ‘Outpost’ which operates from the university’s Enterprise Pavilion.”

Picture courtesy of Framestore and Warner Bros.