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The show must go on

Black background with AUB FESTIVAL in colourful letter


AUB FESTIVAL is bringing final year Acting and Creative Events Management students’ work to your screens, meaning you can enjoy these experiences from the comfort of your own home.

Students are taking the limitations caused by the pandemic and turning them into an opportunity to be forerunners in the creation and exploration of the possibilities of online events, ranging from theatre pieces to an art showcase inspired by a dystopian future.

The Line Up

Week 1 (10 May):

  • 10 May - Zest Wellness
  • 14 May - SWATCH
  • 15 May - Sunshine on a cloudy day
  • 16 May - South Coast Revival Festival
  • 12-15 May - A MIDZOOMERS NIGHT'S DREAM and Terms and Conditions Definitely Apply

Week 2 (17 May):

  • 19-22 May - Capital Heights and Connected

Week 3 (24 May):

  • 26 May - The Papery Nest
  • 26-29 May - LEAVE ALONE and #GrimmTales

Upcoming events...

Find out more about each show and how to book tickets below.

White background with green lines and black text reading "Midzoomer Night Dream"

AUB Productions presents: A Midzoomer Night's Dream

Butterfly have been working with Arts University Bournemouth on a unique online theatre festival, as part of their online spring season

Green background with white line and black text reading "Terms and Conditions Definitely Apply"

AUB Productions presents: Terms and Conditions Definitely Apply

The world is opening up and that will be tough. Don't worry we are there with you. Join us, help us learn how to better return to the norm.

Black background with green circle lines cut out and white text reading 'Capital Heights"

AUB Productions presents: Capital Heights

Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari have been working with AUB on a unique online theatre festival, as part of their online spring season

Find out more about each event below.

Black background with the work 'Swatch' in glitch white, pink and green font

Swatch: The Wonder Games Art Showcase 2021

Take part in the The Wonder Games Art Showcase, hosted by SWATCH - a student lead events company with a passion for promoting young artists

Zest Wellness with an illustration of a lemon

Zest Wellness: Online Yoga and Mindfulness Event

A one-time, online yoga and mindfulness event focused on raising awareness of mental and physical health.

Sunshine On a Cloudy Day banner

Sunshine On a Cloudy Day - Merchandise and print sale

Sunshine On a Cloudy Day is a UK based event for children with cancer, managed by AUB's BA (Hons) Creative Event Management students.

Yellow background with red text reading 'South Coast Revival Festival' accompanied by a logo of a wave on top of a vinyl record.

South Coast Revival Festival

Hosted by AUB's Creative Events Management students, The South Coast Revival Festival support the South Coasts live music/events industry!

As part of the AUB International Poetry Prize 2021, BA (Hons) Creative Writing are hosting an open mic event taking place on May 26 with guest poets to be announced, keep an eye out for more information!

If you'd like to take to the digital stage, the open mic sign up will be opening soon, too.

International Poetry Competition Web Banner

The Papery Nest

AUB Creative Writing proudly presents The Papery Nest - Poetry performance and open mic!