Additional support and funding

This applies to students* who enter the University in 2018/19 to commence with their first year of study towards an undergraduate award.


This is a fund for students from under-represented groups with a residual household income below £25,000, who are in receipt of a full maintenance loan. Support available may include: bicycle and bus vouchers; refectory vouchers; support for educational visits; and exceptionally, hardship grants or loans.


Students who enrol in 2018/19 and progress successfully to Level 6 study at the University in 2020/21, and who are in receipt of a full maintenance loan will receive a progression scholarship of £200 on enrolment for their Level 6 study here to support the additional costs of their final year projects.


The University will provide an annual grant of £2,000 to support any student joining us from a care background and who meet our criteria. This support aims to work towards breaking down the barriers that prevent young people from care entering higher education.  It is awarded for each year of academic study at the University and will be paid in February.

disabled students

A discretionary fund supports applications from students with a disability to meet the £200 contribution for a laptop previously provided through DSA.

*The provision of this Access Agreement applies to all full-time students who are domiciled in England. Students who are admitted with advanced standing will be covered by the terms applicable to their cohort.