Extended 4 Year Study Option

We will be offering an Extended 4 Year Study Option on the following course:

What are Extended 4 Year Study Options?

The course includes an initial introductory year for students who have the potential but may benefit from extra skills, experience and knowledge. In total this extended study option brings the length of the degree course to four years.  It is not a placement degree option or something that is added onto the end of your course.

Students who apply for BA (Hons) Film Production will be considered for the Extended Study Option automatically as part of their application via UCAS.

Following application and interview, students will be informed of our decision via UCAS Track and will also be sent a letter from Admissions. The letter will outline our offer, directing you into the three year course or alternatively onto the Extended Study Option. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you the outcome of our decision at interview stage.

If you are offered the Extended Study Option and you want to decline the offer, you must do this via UCAS.

Please note that places on Extended 4 Year Study Options are limited.


The first year of the Extended 4 Year Study Option is not a formal qualification. Progression to Year One of the 3 year course is automatic upon successful completion of the initial year.

Fees: For fee information please refer to individual course pages.

Funding: Students will be eligible for student loans and funding.

Accommodation: Students will be eligible for accommodation in our Halls of Residence for the introductory year only.