Private rented accommodation in Bournemouth is varied; from large houses with multiple bedrooms to studio flats or shared-with-landlord lodgings there really is something for everyone.

The most popular areas are Ensbury Park, Winton, Charminster and Bournemouth town centre, all of which are no more than 2.5miles from AUB campus and have good transport links.

How do I find accommodation?

AUB is not able to arrange private rented accommodation on your behalf, but there are plenty of ways to find your accommodation. AUBstudentpad should be your first port of call. This site lists all student accommodation registered with us by local landlords who have been accredited by a national association. You can browse the site to see what kinds of properties are currently available. It also has a message board where students can advertise for housemates or you can post a request to be one (the message board is password protected – please contact Student Services for details of how to access it).

AUB does not view properties listed on the AUBstudentpad website. Only landlords who are accredited with The Residential Landlord Accreditation Scheme, Private Rented Sector Accreditation Scheme or The National Landlords Association are registered.

The AUB Accommodation Facebook Page is also a useful source of information, with the option to post messages and link up with other students looking for housemates.

When looking for accommodation, view as many properties as you can to help you make the decision. For safety reasons, never go to view a property on your own. Remember to consider the full cost of your accommodation including bills, contents insurance, television licences and food.

AUB accepts no legal responsibility or liability to any party in matters of the provision of private rented accommodation.