Accommodation days

The aim of AUB Accommodation Days is to provide you with an opportunity to meet other students, form house-sharing groups and to view private rented accommodation.

We inform local landlords and letting agents about the accommodation days and some of them will be there with details of their available properties. Please note that some letting agents may charge administration fees, so you should check this. You will be provided with a list of all our registered properties, as well as street maps and bus timetables. Our Student Advisors will be on hand to answer any queries as well as help you start to mix with other students.


Once you have accepted a place on your course, please click on the link in your MyApplication Portal to register for an Accommodation Day. You should only need to attend one day. Your booking will be confirmed via email.

With your permission your name and contact details will be included on the list of attendees, with will be emailed to everyone who has registered to attend the same Accommodation Day approximately 10 days before the day. This allows you, if you would like, to start making contact and arrangements to meet up with fellow students, with whom you may wish to form a house-sharing group.


Saturday 7th July 2018 (9:30am – 3:00pm)

Friday 17th August 2018 (9:30am – 3:00pm)

Accommodation Days are held on the AUB campus with parking available on site.

Full details are provided in the Accommodation Day Guide which will be sent to you after your registration.


For more information please contact one of our Student Advisors on:


Telephone: + 44 1202 363034 / 363031 / 363242