The London 2012 Inspire Programme is driven by the Olympic Values, excellence, friendship and respect, and the Paralympic Values, courage, determination, equality and inspiration. Never have these values seemed more relevant than in such changing times, especially for young people’s hopes, ambitions and challenges.

For almost four years the London 2012 Inspire Programme has been offering people from all across the UK, a chance to participate in an Inspire project themed around sport, culture, education, sustainability, volunteering or business. Over 15 million registered participants have taken part in over 2,000 projects across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The South West has achieved over 200 of those Inspire marked projects; be it small grass roots level projects involving a handful of people, to national projects and initiatives taking place in the region involving hundreds. With hard work from people across the region who have been inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic Games coming to the UK, we can feel proud that London 2012 has had an impact in the lead up to the Games as well as beyond the actual event.

For further details about the Inspire Programme contact Jo Gardner, London 2012 Inspire Programmer at, or visit the Inspire Programme website.