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Specialist Summer School 2016

This activity aims to encourage those students who can benefit most from what we have to offer, whatever their background, to apply to further and higher arts education.

In July 39 participants from 13 schools and colleges attended the AUB Specialist Summer School 2016.

This week-long programme took place on the AUB campus, and provided students with the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of what higher education could offer them. Participants had the chance to sample university life first hand, whilst receiving specialist tuition in their chosen subject; Fine Art, Illustration or Costume.


2016 participants have gained…

“Knowledge about the different courses, a better understanding of the university itself and more enthusiasm to do a degree in the creative arts.”

“An understanding of what makes a good portfolio.”

“A chance to try something completely different and challenging, a greater understanding of what higher education would be like and a greater sense of independence in doing artwork.”

 “The experience has been really crucial for me in deciding if I want to go to university or not (I do now), and what the sorts of exercises I would participate in whilst attending. The week was so much fun.”