Board of Governors

Arts University Bournemouth Board Membership

Professor Paul Gough Principal and Vice Chancellor N/A N/A
Michael Clarke Independent Member Sep-13 Jul-21
Dr Bryony Conway* Independent Member Apr-17 March 2021*
Prue Keely Davies* Independent Member Sep-16 July 2020*
Mike Gibson Independent Member Sep-13 Jul-21
Valerie Lodge AUB Professional Services Aug-19 July 2021*
Chris Martin Chair of the Board Sep-12 Jul-20
Robert McClatchey* Independent Member Sep-16 July 2020*
Dr Gerard Moran* Independent Member Sep-17 July 2021*
Angela Neuberger Independent Member Apr-13 Mar-21
Tim Newman* Independent Member Sep-16 July 2020*
Dr Kabir Shaikh Independent Member Apr-13 Apr-21
Dr Amanda Stephenson AUB Academic Staff Aug-18 Jul-20
Jordan Verdes AUB SU President Aug-19 Jul-20
Sara Webb Independent Member Sep-13 Jul-21
Claire Whitaker Independent Member Sep-18 July 2022*

* First term of office, with extension from existing date by one further four-year term, subject to Board agreement and one further two-year term of office for AUB Staff Members, subject to Board agreement. To note: AUB SU President is one-year term of office only, whilst in office as SU President.