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For details on our executive structure and board, charitable status, and articles of government can be found in our Governance section.


The Board of Governors has established a Remuneration Committee to consider the pay and total emoluments of the University’s senior postholders.  The Remuneration Committee determines the conditions of service and remuneration of the Principal and Vice Chancellor; and assures itself that the University’s employment policies in relation to other senior postholders are appropriate.

Remuneration Committee

A sustainable strategy

We take our corporate social responsibility very seriously, and are committed to promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. You can see how we measure up to the Environmental Protection Act – and show what we’re doing to manage emissions in The Environment and AUB.

Our financial statements

You may download our financial statements here.


We are committed to promoting equality and diversity. To see how we’re doing you can visit our Equalities pages.

Gender Pay Gap Report

The University has published the outcomes of its Gender Pay Audit. All institutions with at least 250 employees are required to produce a Gender Pay Gap report by April 2018, using data from March 2017.

The mean pay gap at AUB as at 31 March 2017 was 10.3%, and the median pay gap was 18.1%. There is a higher proportion of females than males (55%-45%) in the upper quartile – that is, the highest paid quarter of AUB staff.

The results from other institutions can be seen on the government website here.

Both UMT and Equalities Committee members have given careful consideration to the data, and have noted that reporting requirements do not take account of the job roles undertaken. AUB’s report demonstrates that the main reason for the gender pay gap is the employment of a large number of Student Ambassadors, who are predominantly female as would be expected given the overall AUB student population.

UMT, and the Equalities Committee, were both assured that AUB does not have any issues in terms of advantaging one gender over another, and were pleased that females were well-represented among the higher-earning staff, but it is important not to be complacent.

The Gender Pay Gap Report is accessible here.

Trade Union Facility Time

To access data on facility time carried out by our trade union representatives, please see here.

Freedom of information

Our plans, strategies, rules, regulations and policies are all available for download in the Freedom of Information section.

Wider Information Set (WIS)

We also publish a Wider Information Set which gives information about aspects of courses and awards; and about the quality and standards of programmes in WIS.

Safeguarding Policy

As a provider of higher education, further education and short courses we have a legal duty to ensure the health, safety and welfare of students, including those who are young or at risk, when studying, working, or engaging in activities or events at AUB.

Our safeguarding and Prevent policies set out the University’s commitment to safeguarding and Prevent, including good practice guidelines and key contacts.

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