This is the first in a new series of Design it lectures for industry exploring conceptual and practical approaches to design. Each monthly lecture explores a topic that offers insight and practical pathways for innovation in industry and beyond.


The first lecture delivered by Dr Phil Jones on Metaphor in Design, will be held on 30th January 2019. Book your free ticket here.

Metaphor is a powerful tool for communication design. In this Design it lecture, Dr Phil Jones explores the nature of metaphors and how theories of metaphors link to design practice.

Dr Phil Jones is the Dean of the Graduate School and Research at Arts University Bournemouth and has over 25 years experience producing design work for major national and international clients, such as Glaxo Wellcome and Canon UK. Dr Jones’ research has specialised in investigating a cognitive humanities approach to graphic design. What are the meaning potential of graphic artefacts, and in what ways can such potentials be extended and enhanced using analysis and understanding from cognitive science?

Refreshments will be provided on arrival and chatting to fellow participants is encouraged!