AUB’s Innovation team works closely with the Employability team to create a programme to support graduates developing the skills they need to have a successful career including starting their own business or being a freelancer.

Entrepreneurship Skills WorkshopS

Run in conjunction with Sam Howell Consultants, our workshops bring people with established businesses to talk about their struggles, failures and successes to help the next generation create their own business.

Each workshop is themed around a topic and there is space and time for one on one and group discussions. AUB students can approach Sam Howell for free individual consultations.

The 2017/18 programme is:

Friday 8th December – Introduction to Starting a Business

Feat. Mark Cribb Urban Guild, Aaron Keating Lightsource Film

Friday 12th January – Financing a start-up business

Feat. Pete Ramsay Move’Em, Jaya Da Costa Cat Café Friday 16th February – Protecting your creative work and ideas

Feat. Shaun Guppy Solicitor, Phil Carr My PT Hub

Friday 16th March – Advice from AUB Alumni and Group sessions

Feat. Beth Hawker and Luke Fribbens

Employability and Entrepreneurship Skills Week

Running in March 2018, we have a week-long series of workshops bringing a mix of companies, support agencies and AUB alumni to work through questions about how to set up your own business, how to raise finance, how to protect your IP and how to generate sales. Details of this year’s Skills Week will be published here soon.

Tier 1 Visa

The Tier 1 visa allows AUB to sponsor international students with a strong business plan to stay in the UK after graduation. More details of the programme are available here.


Please see the Employability pages for more details.

You can download a guide to resources available in the local area here.

Contact David Wakeford, Daniel Cox or Lucy Devall for more information.