Access Voucher and Innovation Voucher

Supported by European Structural Investment Funding (ESIF)

Project: Tom’s Studio is based at The Factory Studios in Boscombe and run by craftsman, Tom Gyr. Tom makes and sells handmade high-end calligraphy pens to a global market.

He experiments with mixed material resins and all his creations are zero waste.

Tom wanted to research and develop a new range of Studio Pens to launch at the British Craft Pavilion as part of London Design Fair 2017.

Tom also made use of the specialist equipment at AUB in our workshop through a 12-hour free Access Voucher.

With the help of a match-funded Innovation Voucher, he was able to develop his capabilities in small-batch production by bringing specialist component manufacturing in-house.

The final product, the Studio Pen, was displayed at the British Craft Pavilion in September 2017 and is now on sale through his website.