Testing new capabilities in digital fabrication

Supported by European Regional Development Funding (ERDF)

About the project

Josh and Jamie from The Syrup Room are AUB Graphic Design graduates who’ve built an exciting Dorset business working with some of the world’s biggest brands. The Syrup Room specialises in start-to-finish design-based projects and have worked on bespoke installation pieces for Nescafe, Martini, Bombay Sapphire, Stuart Semple, Ted Baker, Lush, Hilton and more.

AUB Innovation have been working with The Syrup Room since 2018, supporting prototyping access through our digital fabrication equipment. In 2019, the business was awarded an AUB-ERDF innovation grant to support the development of new capabilities for innovation. The funding is helping the business to test new ways of working through digital fabrication. One such test will explore how the design process can be improved through the use of portable CNC routing capabilities.

Photo credits: The Syrup Room

EUROPEAN regional development FUNDS

This project is supported through match-funding by the England European Regional Development Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020. This fund was established by the European Union to help local areas stimulate their economic development. This investment will help to support innovation, businesses, skills and employment to improve local growth and create jobs. For more information visit www.gov.uk/european-growth-funding.