Supported by European Structural Investment Funding (ESIF)

Project: James Wood, founder of Studio Wood in east Dorset is an industrial designer whose company focuses on projects that are accessible, solve problems, promote sustainability and enable positive change. James has worked for Nokia, LG and numerous European consultancies who have benefitted from his relentlessly sustainable approach to human-centred design.

Under an Access Voucher, Studio Wood has received free use of our SLS 3D printing lab for prototyping and in April 2018 co-hosted a workshop on 3D printing for design with the Museum of Design in Plastics, held in AUB’s workshop. This masterclass under our Meet the Maker events, was free to Dorset industry looking to learn more about this innovative process. Studio Wood continues to collaborate with AUB on various projects that seek to research and development new ideas.

Find out more about Studio Wood’s work here.


European Structural and Investment Funds

This project is supported through match-funding by the England European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020. This fund was established by the European Union to help local areas stimulate their economic development. This investment will help to support innovation, businesses, skills and employment to improve local growth and create jobs. For more information visit